I am no addict dammit.

I'M NOT. Stop looking at me like that. This guy might be. This guy definitely is. He sure as hell has some issues. Don't even start me on her. Since he's sort of powerless, currently, I can say he's one of my best customers without being smited. Smitten. Smote. Whatever.

I, on the other hand, am in deep, deep denial well adjusted and clean.
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I have an addiction.

Most of you are part of that addiction.

I like Men, too, but until they learn to apply degreaser to their hair, I'm not touching them.
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Wind blast

MECA Charges

Alright. Yes, the first post and I think I'll let the ones that have been added so far know why they're here...

crantz: You're being brought up on the charges of being addicted to having too many puppets.
divaerestor: Need bigger space here. Alcohol, shagging, massage oils, hair ribbons, jewelry, music, big hair...need I go on?
elrondhalfelven: *cough* TV....need we say more?
elusive_frodo: Obsessed with an onion ring...
eomer_of_rohan: You know, I would really like to know why you are here...But I'm sure their is a reason.
erchirion: Often shagging of Merry? Know of any others that should be included?
faramirofgondor: Hmm, I do believe you're here for frequent shaggings, ale, wine etc....
felarof: Is there actually a reason as to why you're here? I'd like to know...
fredegarbolger: Heroin...I believe that Theoden might be the cause of that though.
ghostofisildur: Do we even need to say?
glorfind3l: I was told to add you. But I'm sure their is a reason for you being here.
haldiroflorien: Frequent drinking and shaggings? Most likely there are more, but you're quite good at hiding them though...
irmo: Same as Issy. Do we even need to say?
kingelessar: Stumbling around drunk off your ass. I do believe we have an alcoholic here.
king_amroth: You opened a dance club that is promoting drinking. You have a traveling bar. Need I go on?
lily_cotton: Okay, you got yourself locked in a bathroom stall for the entire night; danced naked on a bar stool; had frequent drinking contests with me. You know, I'm surprised you haven't already been put in an alcoholic group...
manofrohan: I don't care if you keep denying it! You're addicted to something and you know it!
manwe_sulimo: Another one I was told to add, but don't know why. Would you care to share?
nienor_niniel: Care to share as to why you're here as well?
poor_grima: I think I've been told that you have a problem with violence?
rabidfangirl: *hides* You scare me at times! *runs off before he gets chased again*
smaugthegreat: Sex. Need anymore reason for being here?
taurof_gondolin: Me...ack, alcoholic, shagger...
theodred: Another sex addict?
wargofthenorth: You eat innocent hobbits all the time! You're addicted!
xxcelebornxx: Another person I was told to add. What are you here for?
forsaken_one: You have a porn studio. I don't think I need to continue...

Now, are there anymore that should be added? I'm quite sure their are, but are just holding back....
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