September 1st, 2002

Wind blast

MECA Charges

Alright. Yes, the first post and I think I'll let the ones that have been added so far know why they're here...

crantz: You're being brought up on the charges of being addicted to having too many puppets.
divaerestor: Need bigger space here. Alcohol, shagging, massage oils, hair ribbons, jewelry, music, big hair...need I go on?
elrondhalfelven: *cough* TV....need we say more?
elusive_frodo: Obsessed with an onion ring...
eomer_of_rohan: You know, I would really like to know why you are here...But I'm sure their is a reason.
erchirion: Often shagging of Merry? Know of any others that should be included?
faramirofgondor: Hmm, I do believe you're here for frequent shaggings, ale, wine etc....
felarof: Is there actually a reason as to why you're here? I'd like to know...
fredegarbolger: Heroin...I believe that Theoden might be the cause of that though.
ghostofisildur: Do we even need to say?
glorfind3l: I was told to add you. But I'm sure their is a reason for you being here.
haldiroflorien: Frequent drinking and shaggings? Most likely there are more, but you're quite good at hiding them though...
irmo: Same as Issy. Do we even need to say?
kingelessar: Stumbling around drunk off your ass. I do believe we have an alcoholic here.
king_amroth: You opened a dance club that is promoting drinking. You have a traveling bar. Need I go on?
lily_cotton: Okay, you got yourself locked in a bathroom stall for the entire night; danced naked on a bar stool; had frequent drinking contests with me. You know, I'm surprised you haven't already been put in an alcoholic group...
manofrohan: I don't care if you keep denying it! You're addicted to something and you know it!
manwe_sulimo: Another one I was told to add, but don't know why. Would you care to share?
nienor_niniel: Care to share as to why you're here as well?
poor_grima: I think I've been told that you have a problem with violence?
rabidfangirl: *hides* You scare me at times! *runs off before he gets chased again*
smaugthegreat: Sex. Need anymore reason for being here?
taurof_gondolin: Me...ack, alcoholic, shagger...
theodred: Another sex addict?
wargofthenorth: You eat innocent hobbits all the time! You're addicted!
xxcelebornxx: Another person I was told to add. What are you here for?
forsaken_one: You have a porn studio. I don't think I need to continue...

Now, are there anymore that should be added? I'm quite sure their are, but are just holding back....
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